Klondev AI

What is the Klondev AI?

Klondev AI is an innovative technology that combines OpenAI's powerful API and Pinecone's comprehensive database to take information processing and analysis to a new level.

How does it work?

We are able to import immense amounts of data and develop specialized tools for it. Our main goal is to bridge the gap between the complex amounts of data and their practical application.

What are the advantages?

With the Klondev AI, you can run tailored queries on the read data to summarize content, reduce support overhead and perform targeted analysis.

Shopify case study

Our live test: Klondev AI

Community Forum : You can test our Klondev AI live here.

Use the chat window below and ask questions about Shopify, our AI will provide you with all relevant answers on the topic (including references) from a closed environment.


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Klondev AI as a live system is up to 70% faster than the live trial usable above.

Klondev AI Feedback

We are looking forward to your feedback. Please use the following form or our e-mail contact: sales@klon.dev

Use cases for the Klondev AI

Customer support (external)

The Klondev AI represents a revolution in the customer support landscape. With it, we can automatically load data from existing ticket systems and emails that have already been answered into a database. As soon as a new support request comes in, the AI ​​can search through the already resolved issues on the incoming ticket, summarize them and suggest a solution to the customer that is specifically tailored to their request - all fully automated.

Customer support (internal)

Internally, our support also benefits from the Klondev AI. It helps the support staff to bundle the relevant content and solutions and to prepare the best possible answer for the customer. In the course of this, our AI learns from information collected from successfully completed "cases", thus automatically improving the performance of the entire system, regularly. Big data at its best!

Code Extensions & Documentation

The Klondev AI can access a wide range of data, including documentation from software vendors and existing code files from IT projects. By reading this data, the AI ​​learns to program based on the existing logic and syntax, which enables a variety of applications. In addition, the AI ​​supports programmers to find and remove bugs faster.

Data analysis of PDFs and CSV files

The Klondev AI is not limited to any specific data source or format. It can read files such as PDFs, CSVs and other file formats and run analysis on this data. The biggest benefit is the elimination of data caps. We are not bound by any specific boundaries, which greatly expands the flexibility and application possibilities of our technology.